BEAUTIFUL places, conscious spaces

Merging classic, sophisticated interior design with practical feng shui, conscious practices, and cruelty-free products.  

Full-service interior design:

Classic, relaxed, sophisticated, and down-to-earth interior design.

Custom furnishings, the highest quality fabrics and finishes. Interior design services from initial design to installation.



Compassionate & environmentally aware design:

Interior design that uses consciously made furnishings: specifically, designs that encourage cruelty-free materials, as well as materials that cause minimal harm to the environmentWe can do both.



Feng shui services for any space:

Classical feng shui applied to every interior design project.

Lighting design, color application, space planning, and the selection of beautiful furnishings make healthy, happy places to live and work.

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The practice of feng shui works with the physical and energetic environment and improves the relationship between inhabitants and their spaces. Feng shui is a natural part of all of my design projects.

The basic intention of feng shui is to design our environments to be as natural as possible, addressing the fact that we human beings have done an excellent job of separating ourselves from the natural world, which includes the ways we have constructed our built life. 
Feng shui attempts to bring naturalness back into the built world, creating a good flow of energy, so that the places in which we live and work are supportive, bringing happiness and good energy to the people that inhabit them.

Where thought goes, energy flows

Thought is inextricably tied to our senses, and design has the power to transform our experience. 

Changing our environment affects the way we think and feel.


The balance of form, color, materials, light, and space: this is where feng shui manifests most obviously in the material realm, while the realm of unseen energy (qi), weaves through all of our experiences, wherever we happen to be. 


Visual cues in a space - color, lighting, furniture style and placement, along with the space’s innate character, steer our thoughts, both consciously and unconsciously.


Aubrey Thorne's design work is influenced by her extensive background in Chinese medicine. A classical feng shui approach is used in all design work. It is the perfect complementary practice for all design projects.

Aubrey is happy to offer feng shui consultations independent of interior design work, if requested.



compassionate choices

The feeling of a space is affected by the level of compassionate consciousness that was engaged in the design. That's why I use cruelty-free materials in all of my design work. For me, I've simplified it: no feathers, no leathers, and wool from only humanely treated, happy sheep.



cruelty-free design 

Given the level of technology and knowledge available to us in this modern age, that there is no reason not to choose a cruelty-free, man-made or renewable materials in interior design projects- there is zero compromise. 

Choosing to be kinder in our choices is easier than ever. 
Human beings have come a long way, technologically, in terms of producing fabrics and materials for furnishings: now, more than ever, the most beautiful, durable, and timeless materials can be created without harming animals.

Cruelty-free interior design (sometimes referred to as "vegan design") is design that aims to do no harm to animals.  There is a massive amount of animal cruelty in manufacturing for interior design- it is excessive and unnecessary. Consumers can put a stop to it by making very simple choices- by choosing humane products.

“Cruelty-free” refers to the use of materials that have:

  • not harmed animals

  • not harmed the people that are employed to produce the materials

  • not harmed the environment where the materials were produced


As far as unnecessary practices go, it seems like madness to me that we are still decorating with animal skins. If it’s a true luxury product, you can’t tell the difference between the faux and the real thing. Once you go faux, you’ll never go back.
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Choosing cruelty-free materials never compromises quality or style. In fact, the quality of cruelty-free products is often much better, more custom, more unique. It’s simple to make humane choices when the ones available are so plush & plentiful.

The thoughtful design of your space can increase health and happiness of everyone who lives and spends time there. A healthy, happy home includes kind products, materials and furnishings chosen with compassion for other beings, and the considerate integration of our built places into the landscape, as much as is humanly possible.


The design of a space is the result of hundreds of small choices. These consumer choices are both reflections of our consciousness and big opportunities for increased awareness. 

Conscious choices made with the environment and its inhabitants in mind (both humans and animals), means choosing products that are both environmentally mindful and animal-friendly. Caring about animal welfare begins with the choices we make inside the walls of our homes. 

Aubrey Thorne's design studio is focused on merging classic, sophisticated interior design with kind design practices and products.



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Interior Design

Great interior spaces that are beautiful and unique, comfortable and classic, sophisticated and down-to-earth.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a practical and creative science, which relies on geography and magnetic fields, as well as principles of physics and astronomy.


Astrology consultations offer valuable insight into your natal horoscope, an incredible awareness tool to look at where you happen to be coming from, moving toward, and standing presently.



Contact Aubrey Thorne for a one-hour diagnostic review. If you are unsure of where to start or what exactly you need, then a consultation with Aubrey is a great solution, to see the possible courses ahead. After one hour with Aubrey, you will have a much better idea of what needs to be done, and you'll be one big step closer to living or working in your ideal space.