Interior Design

Merging classic, sophisticated interior design with practical feng shui, conscious practices, and cruelty-free products.  

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Aubrey Thorne creates environments that are comfortable, refined, classic and relaxed: places with a retreat-like comfort that retain both individuality and a classic design sensibility. With a traditional Feng Shui practice built into all interior design projects,  Aubrey's design intention is to foster healthier and happier relationships between people and their places, as well as help spaces harmonize with their surrounding environment. There is an added benefit to Aubrey's design approach: the use of cruelty-free materials makes all design choices kinder ones. 

Aubrey offers the unique integration of:


  • Full-Service Interior Design

  • Remodeling, Construction & Renovation

  • Styling & Accessorizing

  • Custom Furniture, Upholstery & Window Treatments

  • Space Planning



Interior design done with the unusual, added benefit of holistic diagnostics, by a trained and certified interior designer with a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


the Details

Interior spaces that are classic, relaxed, sophisticated, down-to-earth. 


Traditional interior design services that also address the feng shui needs of a place. 


Furnishings and materials that are selected with a consciousness and understanding of where and how they were created. 


Every new object in your home can be rooted in style, craftsmanship. and the thoughtful treatment of animals and the environment. 


Good design that resonates good vibes. 


cruelty-free philosophy

Interior design that uses consciously, thoughtfully made furnishings- specifically, products that are made with cruelty-free materials. 

The feeling of a space is also greatly affected by the level of compassionate consciousness that was engaged in the design. That's why I use cruelty-free materials in all of my design work. I've simplified it: no feathers, no leathers, and wool from only humanely treated, happy sheep.


Choosing cruelty-free materials never compromises quality or style. In fact, the quality of cruelty-free things is often much better, more custom, more unique. It's simple to make humane choices when the ones available are so plush & plentiful.

As far as unnecessary practices go, it seems like madness to me that we are still decorating with animal skins. There is nothing but better alternatives from which to choose- if it’s a true luxury product, you can’t tell the difference between the faux and the real thing. Once you go faux, you’ll never go back.

feng shui


Classical feng shui is a beloved ancient art and science, a powerful design tool that can be used to create exceptional, well-designed spaces. 

The thoughtful design of your space can increase health and happiness, as well as act as an individual prescription for personal wellbeing.  

A healthy, happy home includes conscious choices about how we live: feng shui principles to live as naturally as possible, and kind products, materials and furnishings chosen with consideration for their impact on others and the planet.


How to make the healthiest, happiest homes and spaces?

How does interior design, feng shui and astrology all work together to make the healthiest, happiest homes and spaces? Every person and project is so unique and deserves a comparably unique and sensitive approach. To make impactful, refreshing changes to a space, the combined use of interior design, feng shui, and astrological counseling works wonders to bring you the most amount of insight and change towards new levels of happiness and increased health. Feel free to contact me (Aubrey) to see how we can work together.

And if you simply want to get together for a feng shui or astrology consult, that's great too. (No sofas have to be involved.) I look forward to hearing from you & helping you with whatever area to which you'd like to bring some additional light, health, and happiness!